The tasks of the Foundation include taking actions towards the sustainable development, the support of the environmental protection and the rational management of the natural resources, as well as the economic growth and the social and cultural development.

The foundation accomplishes projects which integrate the problems of the environmental protection with the actions taken in the specific fields of economy and social politics, which actions aim at protecting the resources and the qualities of the natural environment, treating equally the social, economic and ecological reasons.


Areas of the Foundation’s activity:

Education for the sustainable development

Ecological education and the promotion of pro-ecological attitudes, educational campaigns among children and young people, re-training courses for adults, trainings for companies, workshops, conferences, mass information campaigns, social campaigns.


Protection of the natural environment

Propagating and implementing alternative and renewable sources of energy, developing sustainable transport, limiting pollution and rationally managing waste, protecting biodiversity.


Social and cultural activity

Realizing the public and social partnership, protecting the cultural heritage and supporting actions aiming at restoring and cultivating local traditions, activating individuals and groups threatened with marginalization, poverty and pathologies, developing small local communities as the communities of persons united by common goals, acting for the European integration and for the development of the contacts and the cooperation among local and regional communities.


Innovation and economic growth

The social commitment of business, the combination of pro-ecological attitudes, success and innovation.



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Termomodernizacja to się Opłaca

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