The objective of the Foundation is to realize the idea of the sustainable development, which assumes the social and economic development, combined with the protection of the natural environment.

The notion “sustainable development” was defined for the first time in the report “Our common future” (1987), prepared by the World Commission on Environment and Development of the United Nations.

The sustainable development of the Earth is the development which satisfies the basic needs of all the people and which maintains, protects and restores the health and the integrity of the eco system of the Earth, without jeopardizing the possibility of fulfilling the needs of the future generations and without exceeding the long-term limits of the capacity of the eco system of the Earth.

In view of the multitude and diversity of factors which influence that phenomenon, three main areas were identified on which it is necessary to concentrate when planning the efficient strategy of accomplishing the sustainable development. They are as follows: protection of the natural environment and the rational management of the natural resources (among others, limiting the pollution of the environment, the protection of the endangered species of animals and plants, the promotion of the renewable sources of energy), economic growth and the fair distribution of the benefits drawn from that growth (among others, facilitating the access to markets for the developing countries, financing the development, changing the non-rational patterns of the consumption and production) and social development (among others, combating poverty, access to education, protection of the environment). The principle of the sustainable development in Poland has a constitutional status – it has been entered in art. 5 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the definition of the sustainable development was included in the Environmental Protection Act. In the world the ideas of the sustainable development have been included in the programmes of the United Nations and the European Union.



We believe that the responsibility towards our children does not end with merely satisfying their immediate needs but it also calls for ensuring them a happy future. We reach out to the future generations believing that the sustainable development, by combining the economic progress with the respect for nature and with the social development, will create better perspectives for our children.



We want to educate, inform and convince, in equal measure the entire social groups, local communities, government organizations, business groups and individuals, through educational, information and integration campaigns, that the social and economic development may be combined with the protection of the natural environment.



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